The Data Controller provides this policy because the website www.terredelcima.com uses cookies to make its services simple and efficient for user navigation. The site uses cookies managed directly by the Data Controller (“first-party”) and cookies that enable services provided by third parties (“third-party”).

In addition to what is specified in the description of each of the categories listed below, Users can obtain more detailed and updated information related to cookies, as well as any other relevant information – such as the presence of other Tracking Tools – in the privacy policies of the respective third-party providers or by contacting the Data Controller.

1) Data Controller

Maria Gava Azienda agricola, with legal headquarters at via Teatro Vecchio, 1B – 31015 Conegliano (TV) and main operational headquarters at via Cucco, 7 – 31058 Susegana (TV), VAT number 04665000263; contact details info@terredelcima.it.

2) What are cookies and what are they used for

The site uses cookies to make its services simple and efficient for users who view its pages.

Users who visit the Site will have minimal amounts of information inserted into the devices in use, whether they are computers or mobile devices, in small text files called “cookies” saved in the directories used by the User’s web browser. Cookies are typically strings of text that websites visited by the user, or third-party sites, place and store within the device used by the user for browsing.

There are various types of cookies, some to make the use of the Site more effective, others to enable certain functionalities. The duration and expiration of cookies can vary depending on what is set by the Data Controller or by each third-party provider. Some of them expire at the end of the User’s browsing session.

3) Types of Cookies

Cookies can be classified based on the site that generates them, their duration, and their purpose of use.

With reference to the site that generates them, cookies are distinguished into:

  • First-Party Cookies: These are generated by the site that the user is visiting, and only that site can read this data.
  • Third-Party Cookies: These are generated by other sites, outside of the one the user is visiting. This happens because when you visit a page on a site, you may encounter content inserted from external sites.

There may also be an indication that some cookies are installed by entities acting as second parties: in this case, it means that these cookies are transferred from the company that created them as first-party cookies to another company, through a given partnership.

With reference to their duration, cookies can be distinguished into:

  • Session Cookies: These do not have an expiration date and are deleted as soon as the browsing session ends or the browser is closed.
  • Persistent Cookies: Once the browsing session has ended or the browser has been closed, they are not destroyed but remain until a preset expiration date (“duration”). They can be read by the site that created them during subsequent visits by the user to the same site.

Depending on their purpose of use, cookies are distinguished into:

  • Technical Cookies: These are used solely for the purpose of transmitting a communication over an electronic communication network, or to the extent strictly necessary for the provider of an information society service explicitly requested by the contractor or user to provide such service. They do not require the acquisition of consent but must be indicated in the information. This type of cookie allows the correct display and functioning of some sections of the Site and is necessary concerning the technical services offered; they will therefore always be used and sent unless the user modifies the settings in their browser (thus affecting the display of the site’s pages). Technical cookies can be distinguished into functional cookies if they allow the website to remember the choices made by the user to optimize functionality, navigation cookies if used to record useful data for normal navigation and use of the website on the user’s device, and statistical cookies used by websites to understand how visitors interact with sites by collecting and transmitting information anonymously.
  • Analytical Cookies: These are comparable to technical cookies only if: 1) they are used solely to produce aggregate statistics related to a single site or a single mobile application; 2) at least the fourth component of the IP address is masked for third-party ones; 3) third parties refrain from combining minimized analytics cookies with other processing (customer files or statistics of visits to other sites, for example) or from transmitting them to further third parties. However, third parties are allowed to produce statistics with data related to multiple domains, websites, or apps that are attributable to the same publisher or business group. The owner who carries out the mere statistical processing of data relating to multiple domains, websites, or apps attributable to him can also use clear data, respecting the purpose constraint.
  • Third-Party Service Analysis Cookies: These cookies are used to collect information on the use of the Site by users anonymously, such as: pages visited, time spent, origins of incoming traffic, geographical origin, age, gender, and interests for marketing campaigns. These cookies are sent from third-party domains external to the Site.
  • Profiling Cookies: These are used to trace specific actions or recurring behavioral patterns in the use of the functionalities offered (patterns) for the grouping of various profiles within homogeneous clusters of different sizes, so that it is also possible to modulate the provision of the service in an increasingly personalized manner, as well as to send targeted advertising messages, i.e., in line with the preferences expressed by the user in the context of web browsing. These are the cookies necessary to create user profiles in order to send advertising messages in line with the preferences expressed by the user within the pages of the Site. Consent is required for these cookies.

According to current regulations, terredelcima.it is not required to request consent for technical cookies and similar, as they are necessary to provide the requested services.

For all other types of cookies, consent must be expressed by the User.

This site uses plug-ins, i.e., programs useful for increasing the functions of an application (e.g., increasing the browser’s ability to display, sound, or save files in special formats). For example, social plug-ins are extensions that can be integrated into the website and guarantee the connection and integration of social networks, allowing the integration of functions to like, share, and comment on your website. Specifically, terredelcima.it uses the Instagram plug-in.

4) Types of cookies used by the site

The site uses technical and statistical/analytical cookies. The site may also enable third-party marketing/tracking and profiling cookies, to which the user can give their consent. The complete list of cookies is available in the banner where the User can give consent in a granular form.

The Site may contain links to other websites that have their own privacy policy, which may differ from that adopted by terredelcima.it. Therefore, terredelcima.it is not responsible for these sites.

5) How to disable cookies through browser configuration

If you wish to learn more about how your browser stores cookies during your browsing, we invite you to follow these links on the websites of the respective providers.

Mozilla Firefox


Google Chrome


Microsoft Windows Explorer


Apple Safari




6) How to manage and modify Cookie choices through the website?

Upon first access to the website, the user can manage their preferences through the dedicated popup banner. Specifically, the user can choose to:

  • Accept the installation of all categories of cookies listed above by clicking on the “Accept All” button;
  • Reject the installation of all categories of cookies listed above, except for cookies necessary for the functioning of the website, by clicking on the X in the upper right corner or on “Reject All”;
  • Set their own preferences with granular consent and save them with the “Save My Preferences” button;
  • Access the link to consult the “Cookie Policy.”

7) Changes to the Cookie Policy

This cookie policy may undergo changes over time, also related to the possible entry into force of new industry regulations, updates, or the provision of new services, or due to technological innovations. Such changes will be communicated through the website.