DONNA IN SCENA: Boldini, Selvatico, Martini

The exhibition “Donna in Scena: Boldini, Selvatico, Martini” is a fascinating journey through the Bel Mondo between the 19th and 20th centuries, with fashionable women as protagonists. This event, staged at the Museo Santa Caterina in Treviso from 13 April to 15 September, celebrates the balance between tradition and progress, in which the female figure conquers spaces of freedom and independence in modernity.

The greatest portrait painters of the time, such as Giovanni Boldini, Giacomo Grosso, Cesare Tallone, and Vittorio Corcos, eternalise the faces and gazes of the celebrities of the day. From Eleonora Duse to Wally Toscanini, from Lydia Borelli to Toti Dal Monte, these elegant women were immortalised by the colours of painters at the turn of the century. Artists specialising in large female portraits, such as John Lavery, Giuseppe de Nittis, and Federico Zandomeneghi, contribute to making this period truly unique.

The Veneto artists include Ettore Tito, Pietro Pajetta, Eleuterio Pagliaro, Giulio Ettore Erler and Lino Selvatico, the ‘Veneto Boldini’ champion of fashionable early 20th century portraiture between Venice, Milan and Europe. The exceptional presence of masterpieces by Alberto Martini, forerunner of surrealism and portraitist with a magical atmosphere, crowns this extraordinary exhibition.

Boldini, Selvatico, Martini
Exhibition curated by Fabrizio Malachin
13 April 2024 – 28 July 2024
Treviso, Santa Caterina Museum

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