Experience an unforgettable day immersed in the beauty of our estate. Get up close to the art of winemaking, exploring every corner of this paradise. Here, the countryside reveals its authenticity, providing you with a refuge away from the chaos of everyday life.

Beauty and Harmony

Brushstrokes of Color

Fuchsia is the color of Terre del Cima, a distinctive mark, an artistic touch that revitalizes objects and spaces. An unexpected color that, at first glance, seems more at home on fashion runways than among the rows of a vineyard. But it is precisely this chromatic choice that creates a sensory shortcut, an invitation to see things in an entirely new light, to rewrite the rules of what’s possible and imaginable.


The Wild Garden

Are you curious to experience the generosity of the land with your own hands? During the harvest season, we invite you to join us in the garden. Here, you can pick fresh potatoes and vegetables, immersing yourself in the natural cycle of the earth. And the reward? You can take home the fruits of your labor, a genuine souvenir of your visit.