Le Terre

In the heart of Collalto, Maria Gava has discovered the perfect backdrop for Terre del Cima, her winegrowing adventure. After a long stint in the fashion world, Maria has returned to her roots, armed with a fresh and sustainable outlook on agriculture. As the granddaughter of farmers, she’s chosen to re-embrace her land in an innovative way. And so, the bold fuchsia of the logo bursts onto the landscape, heralding a story yet to be written.

In this fertile land,
every grain is a seed of possibility...

Collalto: Where History Meets Nature

Located in a quaint hillside area of Treviso province, nestled between the Dolomites and the sea, Terre del Cima estate is set in a region recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With the Prealps serving as a dramatic backdrop, the estate is a tapestry of natural karst formations, babbling brooks, and wooded groves. The morainic soils, rich in minerals and bathed in sunlight, provide the perfect conditions for the growth of our Glera grapes.


Nestled between the Piave River’s left bank, rolling morainic hills, and the Monticano River, Conegliano stands tall as the capital of Italian winemaking. The city is home to Italy’s oldest School of Oenology, established in 1876, which has shaped generations of experts in the viticultural field. Even today, Conegliano is crowned by its ancient castle—a must-see for anyone visiting the city—and its Cathedral, located along the picturesque Via XX Settembre. A perfect blend of rich historical heritage and the vibrant spirit of winemaking tradition.


The richness of our ecosystem comes to life through a diverse range of wildlife, from hares to roe deer, that find both refuge and sustenance in our lands. This harmonious coexistence between flora and fauna is the fruit of sustainable farming practices, which exclude the use of herbicides.

Biodiversity is not just a marker of our environment’s health, but also a testament to the quality and integrity of our Prosecco Superiore DOCG. In this way, every bottle of Terre del Cima becomes a tribute to the richness and complexity of the life that surrounds us